IT law & Internet law

When it comes to IT & Internet in business legal advisory is basically needed. Otherwise it can get very expensive very quickly.

You have a website?
Then you should ask yourself these important questions, for example:

  • Is your online presence legally acceptable?
  • Are all the different demands on information and transparency, consumer protection and data protection fulfilled?
  • Are your Terms and Conditions and your Privacy Policy legally and effectively?
  • Do you have noticed all the different rules concerning e-commerce and b2c regulations?
  •  Are you sure that your domain name does not infringe any third party rights?
  • Do you want to use a specific domain name?

You have IT in business? Or you work in the IT industry?
Then, for example, the following questions need to be well considered:

  • If you have license management or if you are under-or over licensed?
  • What about your software and license agreements?
  • What about the contractual safeguarding of your IT projects?
  • Are your terms and conditions up to date?
  • Do you have a data protection officer?
  • How is compliance with the IT Compliance? What about a compliance officer?
  • How do you deal with personal data? Have you noticed the strict German data protection law?
  • You know that the management can be personally liable?

The range of questions can be extended. We have the answers.

Our firm has achieved in the field of IT and Internet law for many years a good reputation.

So let's take care of all the legal issues surrounding your IT with us!

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